MICS Punjab 2011

MICS Punjab 2011 was the third round based on MICS-4 methodology, a representative household survey with special reference to women and children with a total sample size of 7250 PSUs and 102,545 SSUs (households) to provide estimates on more than 100 indicators for the province, area of residence (major cities, other urban and rural), 9 divisions, 36 districts and 150 tehsils/towns. Results are also available by gender, background characteristics, wealth index, and in some cases, by age groups. The survey reports available in- 37 volumes with the first one comprising the main report (provincial report) & technical appendices and 36 volumes, one for each district, presenting tehsil results. The main feature of MICS 2011 was its international recognition by the UN MICS Statistical Office and UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA). Each step of the survey from survey design, questionnaire development, training of field staff, data entry, data analysis to report writing was monitored by ROSA and UN MICS Statistical Office.