MICS Punjab 2003-04

MICS Punjab 2003-04 provided a unique opportunity to the decision makers in the province of Punjab to analytically examine social development status at district level. MICS, for the first time provided data on majority of the common social development indicators. Few of which were segregated as districts, big cites, other urban, rural and in most of the cases by gender & age as well. It was the first full scale household survey provincially designed and implemented by the Bureau of Statistics (BOS) Punjab. Findings of the survey were warmly welcomed by provincial development partners being a timely input for major development initiatives including MDGs and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP).
This survey provided data for over 44 socio-economic indicators for the province as well as for all 34 districts and Lahore (including the six Towns and Cantonment). The field work involved 2,190 randomly selected survey sites spread over every part of the province, with interviews in 30,932 households. More than 700 people (Both male and female) from over 15 departments/ organizations with varied level of expertise contributed during different phases of the survey. MICS Punjab 2003-04 has set an excellent example of accomplishment through coordinated efforts of several role players.