The main functions of the organization are as follows:

  • To build a sound and effective provincial statistical programme and keep it under constant review to meet the provincial requirements within the framework of national statistical system
  • To review, coordinate and clear statistical development and budgetary proposals of Provincial Statistical Cells
  • To adopt and follow National Statistical Standards and procedures in collection, tabulations and presentation of various statistical series
  • To identify and eliminate duplication in provincial statistics
  • To formulate provincial policies regarding adoption of national recommendations for collection of statistics
  • To act as liaison between Federal and Provincial Governments and statistical matters and to serve as a Secretariat for the Provincial Statistical Council
  • To extend technical guidance and assistance to other Provincial Statistical Cells when required with reference to their technical problems in designing, conducting censuses and surveys, processing of data and preparing their reports
  • To prepare basic socio-economic indicators of the province
  • To prepare and issue statistical publications to disseminate statistical information
  • To prepare and maintain up to date frame for conducting censuses and surveys
  • To act as Provincial Electronic Data Processing Agency for various Provincial Departments