Current Industrial Statistics (CIS)

C.I.S (Current Industrial Statistics) prepare and publish Monthly Survey of Industrial Production & Employment in the Punjab containing current production and employment data of industrial units in aggregates from October 1972.


This report contains statistics regarding 45 important industries, manufacturing about 100 selected items, contributing 72% of the total value added of large-scale manufacturing sector in the province based on base year 2005-06 and covers around 2000 industrial units from all over the Punjab.

List of Important Industries

1. Vegetable Ghee/Cooking Oil

24. Synthetic Fibre

2. Dairy Products

25. Petroleum Products

3. Wheat Milling

26. Glass Sheets

4. Sugar

27. Cement

5. Tea (Blended)

28. Steel Bars/ Angles

6. Starch & its Products

29. Fabricated Metal Products/HMC

7. Soft Drinks & Juices

30. Tractors

8. Cigarettes

31.Automobile Cars/Trucks

9. Cotton Textiles

32. Diesel Engines

10. Woollen Textiles

33. Motor Cycles

11. Jute Textiles

34. Bicycles

12. Leather Tanning

35. Electric Fans

13. Footwear

36. Electric Transformers

14. Plywood

37. Electric Motors

15. Paper

38. Electric Meters

16. Paper Board

39. Switch Gears

17. Pharmaceuticals

40. Washing Machines

18. Basic Inorganic Chemicals

41. Air-Conditioners

19. Fertilizers

42. Refrigerators/Deep Freezers

20. Paints & Varnishes

43. Safety Razor Blades

21. Tyres & Tubes

44. Agricultural Implements

22. Soap

45. Textiles Machinery

23. Matches


Importance of CIS

Prior to CIS, the only data available on Industrial Statistics was the results of Census of Manufacturing Industries (C.M.I) that were available with the time lag of 2-3 years with a question mark on very high rate of non- response. This high rate of non-response affected the consistency of the results. Therefore, these results were of little use for current and future planning except for historical, research and academic interests/purposes.

So, to have current information on production, employment and other aspects of manufacturing activities e.g. consumption of raw material, wages/salaries, export of industrial products, imports of raw material and productivity of labour etc. for economic planning, evaluation of industrial development and taking other policy related decisions, Government of the Punjab had decided in October 1972 to undertake a Monthly Survey on Industrial Production and Employment.

Objectives of CIS

This survey was initiated in October 1972 with the objectives: -

  • To minimize the time lag of CIS from 2-3 years to 30-60 days.
  • To have reliable and timely industrial statistics and measuring the performance of industrial sector

The aim of this division is to assist the Punjab Planning & Development Department in formulation of Economic Plans to arrive at major policy decisions.

CIS Operations

Monthly Survey of Industrial Production & Employment in the Punjab operations are listed below:

Data Collection by Field Offices

  • Printing and mailing of the questionnaires to the factories
  • Collection of CIS Returns from the factories and their supply to the Head Quarter Office of Bureau of Statistics Punjab for processing of the data

Editing/ Tabulation and preparation of Monthly CIS Report

  • Classification, editing and coding of CIS Returns
  • Computer processing of CIS Returns, tabulations and preparing report on Monthly Survey of Industrial Production & Employment in the Punjab and supplying the results to the end users and publish it on BOS Punjab website as well.


Final Product is a CIS Report that contains QIM series, analytical note on the performance of Industrial Sector in the province, seven tables and detailed performance report of some important industries as well.

Data Users

The different users of this data are mentioned below:

  1. Ministry of Industries & Production, Government of the Pakistan, Islamabad.
  2. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.
  3. Provincial Bureaus of Statistics, Government of Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan.
  4. Planning & Development Department, Government of the Punjab.
  5. Punjab Economic Research Institute (PERI).
  6. Department of Commerce & Industry, Government of the Punjab.
  7. State Bank of Pakistan

Link for monthly reports: