Census of Manufacturing Industries (CMI)

Census of Manufacturing Industries (CMI) is being conducted in Pakistan by Provinces under the Industrial Statistics Act, 1942.


CMI covers all establishments which engaged in manufacturing activities and registered under Section 2(J) of the Factories Act, 1934.

Census Operations

The organizations participating and responsible for Census Operations are listed below:

Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS)

  • Planning, preparation of questionnaire, tabulation plan, editing & preparation of CMI results at national level

Provincial Directorate of Industries

  • Printing and mailing of the questionnaires to the factories
  • Collection of CMI Returns from the factories and their supply to the Provincial Bureau of Statistics for processing of the data

Provincial Bureau of Statistics

  • Classification, editing and coding of CMI Returns
  • Computer processing of CMI Returns and supplying the results to the Federal Bureau of Statistics

Provincial Directorate of Labour Welfare

  • Registration of factories under the factories Act, 1934 and supply of updated list of factories to the Provincial Directorates of Industries for conduct of CMI


Computer printout of tabulated results to be supplied to FBS for their consolidation at national level.

Data Users

The different users of this data are mentioned below:

  • Federal Bureau of Statistics
  • Industries Department, Government of the Punjab
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Research Scholars and Students
  • Various Industrial Establishments and Private Enterprises